Advantages of immigration to Europe, Czech Republic

Advantages of immigration to Europe, Czech Republic
There are numerous advantages of immigration to Czech Republic in comparison with other European countries:

1. Convenient geographical position is a big IMMIGRATION PLUS.
Czech Republic is situated in the center of Europe, this means that within 2 hours you can reach Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, within six hours by car you can get to France and Italy.
After official immigration to Czech Republic and getting residence permit you will be able to visit all European countries visa free.

2. Czech Republic is a member of European Union and Schengen zone.

In 2004 Czech Republic became a member of European Union, and at the end of 2007 became a part of Schengen zone

3. High standard of life
People of the Czech Republic has got high standard of life. Highly developed economy, law system that protects people makes ones sure in bright and prosperous future. Czech medical and educational systems are highly developed. Czech is 27th in a rating according to standards of life criteria.
Czech Republic has recently became member of European Union, that's why prices of products, medical services and consumer services are lower than in other EUcountries. 

4. Opportunity to find job
Highly developed economy makes situation on labor market to be good. After Czech Republic has become part of European Union salaries are becoming higher. Czech government is interested in foreign specialists that immigrate from other countries who will work on plants and factories of the Czech Republic. Nowadays there are several projects controlled by Czech government that invites specialists from foreign countries to work and live abroad in Czech and allows them to get permanent residence permit in short time.

5. Highly developed bank infrastructure
There are several tens of Czech banks that work on the territory of Czech Republic; they are mostly controlled by American, German, Austrian capital. They make financial system of the country stable and allow keeping money on the accounts without being scared about it.
6. Safety and freedom of religion
Population of the Czech Republic is friendly towards foreigners and tolerate to different religions.

7. Procedure of emigration to Czech is simple and rather cheap.
Government does not demand big contributions into business before a person reaches Czech.
There is no need to rent office or hire employers before emigration. According to Czech law its allowed for a company to be in sleeping positions for the first 3 years ( this means that a company does not make any profit an thus does not pay any taxes).