TYPES of free business licenses for Czech company
When registering a company you may choose any of the below mentioned licenses. It's advisable to concentrate on exact services or producation of certain products so that when applying PR your story is proved by licenses your Czech company holds.
  1. Provision of services for agriculture, horticulture, fishing and hunting;
  2. Professional forest management;
  3. Production of forest management plans and outlines;
  4. Handling of the reproductive material of forestry plants;
  5. Animal breeding and training (with the exception of animal production);
  6. Treatment of minerals, extraction of peat and mud;
  7. Manufacture of food and starch products;
  8. Fruit distillation;
  9. Manufacture of feed, compound feed, additives and premixtures;
  10. Manufacture of textiles, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories;
  11. Manufacture and repair of footwear, saddlery and harness products;
  12. Wood processing, manufacture of wooden, cork, straw and plaiting products;
  13. Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard and of goods made of those materials;
  14. Publishing, printing, binding and copying;
  15. Manufacture, reproduction, distribution, sale, rental of audio and audiovisual recordings, and manufacture of blank data and recording carriers;
  16. Manufacture of coke, raw pitch and other solid fuels;
  17. Manufacture of chemical substances, fibers and preparations, and cosmetic products;
  18. Manufacture of fertilizers;
  19. Manufacture of plastic and rubber products;
  20. Glass manufacture and processing;
  21. Manufacture of building materials, porcelain, ceramic and plaster products;
  22. Manufacture of abrasive products and other non-metallic mineral products;
  23. Technical and jewellery stone cutting;
  24. Production of iron, precious metals, non-ferrous metals and their alloys;
  25. Manufacture of metal structures and fabricated metal products;
  26. Artistic and craft working of metals;
  27. Surface treatment and welding of metals and other materials;
  28. Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigation, optical and photographic instruments and equipment;
  29. Manufacture of electronic components, electrical equipment, and the manufacture and repair of electrical machinery, appliances and electronic equipment powered by low voltage;
  30. Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances;
  31. Manufacture of industrial machinery;
  32. Manufacture of motor vehicles and their trailers and bodies;
  33. Design and manufacture of vessels;
  34. Manufacture, development, design, testing, installation, maintenance, repair, modification and structural changes to aircraft, aircraft engines, blades, aircraft parts and equipment and aviation ground facilities;
  35. Manufacture of rail traction units and rail vehicles on tramways trolley-bus tracks and cableways, and railway fleets;
  36. Manufacture of bicycles, wheelchairs and other non-motor vehicles
  37. Manufacture and repair of upholstered products;
  38. Manufacture, repair and maintenance of sport products, games, toys and prams and pushchairs;
  39. Manufacture of medical devices;
  40. Manufacture and repair of sources of ionizing radiation;
  41. Manufacture of school and office equipment, except paper products, the manufacture of costume jewellery, brooms and brushes, made-up articles, souvenirs;
  42. Manufacture of other manufacturing articles;
  43. Operation of water supply and wastewater services, an d water treatment and distribution;
  44. Waste management (except dangerous waste);
  45. Preparatory of finishing work, specialized construction activities;
  46. Glazing, framing and mounting;
  47. Intermediation in trade and services;
  48. Wholesale and retail trade;
  49. Pawn broking and retailing in second-hand goods;
  50. Maintenance of motor vehicles and accessories;
  51. Transport via pipelines and land transport (except rail and road motor transport);
  52. Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical and technical activities in transport;
  53. Forwarding and representation in customs procedure;
  54. Operation of postal and international postal services;
  55. Accommodation services;
  56. Provision of software, information technology consulting, data processing, hosting and related activities and web portals;
  57. Activities of information and news agencies;
  58. Real estate services, facility management and maintenance;
  59. Leasing and loaning of movables;
  60. Guidance and consulting activities, production of expert studies and opinions;
  61. Land consolidation design;
  62. Preparation and production of technical designs, graphic and drawing work;
  63. Design of electrical equipment;
  64. Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences or social sciences;
  65. Testing, measurement, analysis and inspections;
  66. Advertising, marketing, media representation;
  67. Design and arrangement activities and modeling;
  68. Photographic services;
  69. Translation and interpreting;
  70. Administrative services and services of an organizational and economic nature;
  71. Operation of a travel agency and guide services in the field of tourism;
  72. Extra-curricular education, organization of courses, training, including instructor services;
  73. Operation of cultural, educational and entertainment facilities, organization of cultural productions, events, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, sales and similar events;
  74. Operation of physical education and sports facilities and organization of sports activities;
  75. Domestic washing, ironing, repair and maintenance of clothing, household linen and personal goods;
  76. Provision of technical services;
  77. Repair and maintenance of household goods, items of cultural nature, precision equipment, optical equipment and measuring devices;
  78. Provision of personal and personal hygiene services;
  79. Provision of services for the family and households;
  80. Manufacture, trade and services not elsewhere specified.